Order Prayer

Below you will find the Order Prayer, composed by our Spiritual Council, which is prayed together at all Holy Masses held in the Order.

God Almighty Father, you called us to serve you under the sign of St. George as witnesses to the death and resurrection of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Help us boldly to advocate Christian values based on his example. Raise our gaze to Christ the Risen One, from whose strength St. George acted, and inspire our religious family of the Knights of St. George to do a helpful deed. Let every hand in family, work, society and church be prayer and act of faith for the glory of God.

We ask you at the intercession of the Holy Mother of God, Our Lady of Mariazell, St. Joseph, St. George, St. Leopold, Stephan and Wenzel, St. Odilia, the Blessed Emperor Karl and all Saints: Grant peace to the world. Grant us the support of the Holy Spirit so that we can stand firm against evil and courageously stand up for a Christian Occident.

Save Europe from the loss of its Christian roots and empower those who are trying to re-expand the Kingdom of God in Europe. Protect the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, give us unity in diversity, so that we can be effective in our time. Merciful God, we ask you. Bless our brotherhood and send your spirit to us, the knights and ladies of the Order of St. George, so that we can join forces, faithfully and without fear, to fight with the lance of our vow the dragon, which leaves traces of devastation wherever it is at work: Illness and abandonment, homelessness and hunger, lovelessness and guilt, indifference and unbelief.

Saint George! Plead for us, so that we can carry out our tasks heartily! Be our advocate, who comes to us victorious in agony, so that we too can be included in the communion of saints, in the perfection with God. Amen.