Happy Birthday!
On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Honorary Knight General (retired) Karl Majcen our Procurator and the Dean of the Order Academy met the jubilarian at the tavern ‘Zum alten Zollhaus’ in Korneuburg.
Summer party of the Viennese Commanderies
Once again this year, the summer party of the four Viennese Commanderies at the beginning of July is one of the highlights of the Order life in Vienna.
Commandery meeting at Gut Ising
On 29 June 2024, MMag.a Isolde Perndl gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Courageously breaking new ground – a sense of responsibility and willingness to take risks’ as part of the Commandery Meeting in Chiemgau.
„Fighting for the climate by (almost) any means – Ultima Ratio or terror?“
On 27 June 2024 the last substantive event before this year’s summer break dealt with a topic of great actuality and increasing socio-political explosiveness.
Austria´s self-sufficiency in danger?
At the invitation of Komturei Burgenland, a lecture by former Federal Minister Dipl.-Ing. Nikolaus Berlakovich took place on 19 June 2024 in the residence of the Order
Deutschmeister Tradition Day
Every 18 June, the “Deutschmeister” celebrate their traditional day in commemoration of the Battle of Kolin in 1757, our Procurator gave the ceremonial speech.
750 years Habsburg dynasty – history with a future
On Thursday, 13 June 2024, HIRH Karl von Habsburg hosted a festive reception at Palais Ferstel.
Sailing regatta – Edition 2024
The sailing regatta of the Order of St. George took place for the 6th time from 8 to 11 June 2024 in Croatia.
A birthday celebration with “St. George added value”
To the occasion of the 60th birthday of our high procurator Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele, the Order of St. George invited to a honourable celebration in the garden of the residence.
Visit to the airbase in Langenlebarn
On 23 May 2024, during imperial weather, a small delegation visited the airbase “Fliegerhorst Leopold Figl” in Langenlebarn.
A weekend dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill
To celebrate the 150th birthday of Sir Winston Churchill, Commander David Mackintosh, BA, organised a high-calibre and varied programme from 10 to 12 May 2024.
The Order of St. George at the Congreso Internacional sobre la Nobleza
On 9 May 2024, our Procurator Vinzenz Baron von Stimpfl-Abele had the honour of speaking at the V Congreso Internacional sobre la Nobleza in Madrid
Help for the defenders
Read here a report about the latest support for the defense of European values.
Cigar and indulgence evening in Burgenland
On 3 May 2024, numerous Dames, Knights and guests of the Order of St. George accepted the invitation to the first ‘Cigar and indulgence evening’ in Neusiedl am See at the ‘Graf im Stadthaus’.
The Order of St. George in the Silesia region
On 4 May 2024 the Knights of the Order of St. George took part in the ceremony of embedding the relic of Blessed Emperor Charles I in the cathedral in Opava.
More than just a breath of history
For the first time and unique – this is how the historic Order Convent of the Order of St. George in the imperial city Speyer in Germany on 20 April 2024 can be described in a nutshell.
Impressions of the Order Convent in Speyer
Find here impressions of the various programme points around the Order Convent on 20 April 2024.
1st motorbike and classic car tour
On Sunday, 14 April 2024, 7 motorbikes and 7 classic cars met in the most glorious imperial weather in the Prälatenhof of Lilienfeld Abbey.
Credibility on social media
On 10 April 2024, Maximilian Schwinghammer and Rebecca Kubatsch gave a keynote speech on credibility on social media.
Foundation stone laid
On 4 April 2024 the foundation stone for a future Commandery in Berlin was laid.
Maundy Thursday at a place of salvation
On the evening of 28 March 2024, Father Dr. Marek Pučalík invited guests to the presentation of his book in the palace of the Order and combined it with a subsequent personal tour through the Karlskirche.
Messages for the Easter season
It has become a valued tradition in our Christian Order that every year the Spiritual Council offers spiritual guidance throughout Holy Week.
Social project for Ukraine
As a reaction to this year’s annual theme “Courage for Responsibility”, the Commandery Tschechien has organised its third collection for Ukraine.
Premiere of the impulse talks
On 22 March 2024, the four Croatian commanderies hosted the premiere of the impulse talks in Zagreb on the topic of “Courage for responsibility as a rebellion against the zeitgeist”.
Europe, Central Europe and the Order of St. George…
… were the subject of an exchange of views on 22 March 2024 between a high-level delegation from our Community and H.E. Neven Pelicarić, Advisor on European Policy to the President of the Republic of Croatia.
How is Austria’s economy really doing?
On 21 March 2024, Prof. Dr. Tobias Thomas, Director General of Statistik Austria, was invited by the Commandery Wien-Hofburg to the Order’s residence.
International diplomacy in crisis?
On 5 March 2024, the two Vienna Commanderies, together with the Austrian British Society, hosted an interesting lecture by Ambassador Dr. Eva Nowotny and Ambassador Dr. Alexander Christiani at Cafe Ministerium.
Central Europe for Europe – Value-political principles for Europe
This was the title of a matinee organised by the Committee of the Honorary Knights together with the Order Academy in Budapest on 1 March 2024.
The Valley of Kings in Lower Austria
On 29 February 2024, Knight of the Order Günter Fuhrmann gave an excellent lecture on his book “The Valley of Kings in Lower Austria – the secret royal court of the Bourbons”.
Commandery meeting Salzburg/Upper Austria/Bavaria
Commander Wilhelm von Zitzewitz welcomed numerous Order members and guests to the Commandery meeting at the Schwarzer Bär hotel in Linz on 24 February 2024.
Croats on the Northern Sea
On 24 February 2024 the Commandery Kroatien-Istrien gathered at the Juraj Šporer Pavilion in Opatija to visit the exhibition titled “Croats on the Northern Sea”.
Obstacles for innovation in Austria
On 15 February 2024, Knight of the Order Assoc. Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger gave an exciting lecture on the topic “The obstacles for innovation in Austria and how to avoid them”.
New Year’s reception in Jois
On 31 January 2024, the Commandery Burgenland hosted a New Year’s reception at the Leo Hillinger winery.
No pseudo dialogue
On 25 January 2024, the Order of St. George hosted an “Interreligious Dialogue” at the Mozarteum Foundation’s Villa Vicina in Salzburg.
Meeting in the Silesian town of Opava
Opava (Troppau), the long-standing capital of Austrian Silesia, hosted the Commandery Tschechien of the Order of St. George for the first time on 19 and 20 January 2024.
Speech on the future of Europe 2024
On 11 January 2024, our Grand Master once again held the traditional major SPEECH ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPE, during which he also addressed the new general theme of “COURAGE FOR RESPONSIBILITY”.
Funeral ceremonies and requiem masses for Honorary Knight Hugo Graf von Mensdorff-Pouilly
On 9 January 2024, several Knights of the Order of St. George took part in the funeral mass for the Honorary Knight Hugo Graf von Mensdorff-Pouilly, who died on 21 November 2023.