Our mission

The Order of St. George aims to venerate St. George as the patron saint of chivalry, to cultivate chivalry and a chivalrous outlook on life. The Order is Christian and European. It supports the multinational old Austrian idea of the state, the increased need for cooperation between the states of Central and South-Eastern Europe and is committed to a united, self-confident Europe.

The Order is conservative in values, economically liberal and is committed to comprehensive national defence; it sees itself as part of a conservative Europe- oriented network and takes a stand on political issues. The Order is charitable and strives to alleviate or combat the eightfold misery:

  • Illness and hunger
  • Abandonment and homelessness
  • Disbelief and guilt
  • Indifference and unkindness

The Order is elitist. Admission is only granted after a verified proposal by a member of the Order.