Security Forum

The Security Forum deals with security-related topics, with the aim of strengthening the Order’s position in this regard. It serves as a platform for security topics.

CoordinatorHonorarkonsul Dr. Peter Harold
Visit to the airbase in Langenlebarn
On 23 May 2024, during imperial weather, a small delegation visited the airbase “Fliegerhorst Leopold Figl” in Langenlebarn.
Autarky, blackout and precaution
Under this title, Vice Commander Brigadier Mag. Wolfgang Spalj, as project leader for this topic area in the Austrian Armed Forces, gave an overview of the current state of development on 25 April 2023.
Crises, Disasters, Confrontations – New Challenges Require New Approaches
General Mag. Robert Brieger offered an interesting lecture on March 8, 2022 in the Order’s Residence, which also shed light on how the Austrian Armed Forces are preparing for the future.
Officer and gentleman
On October 5, 2021, former General Karl Majcen gave insights into the development of Austrian national defense and outlooks on future challenges.
Partner of the Austrian Armed Forces
The sponsoring association of the Order of St. George is recognized by the Federal Ministry for National Defense in Austria (BMLV) as an “association relevant to defense policy” – now referred to as “partner of the armed forces”. In addition, the distinctions of the Order of St. George may be worn in accordance with the wearing regulations of the BMLV with the starting uniform of the Austrian Armed Forces.