The Dames of the Order of St. George support the Knights in fulfilling the charitable tasks set out in the principles of the Order. The aim is, according to a European Order, to achieve a blanket presence to ensure that charitable work is carried out across the breadth of the Order.

As the Order considers itself to be elitist, Dames are only admitted on the basis of a verified proposal by a Knight or Dame of the Order and after completion of the intended qualifying period, as well as fulfilment of the defined criteria.

The Dames of the Order of St. George are subordinate to the Grand Master HIRH Karl von Habsburg and the Order Government.


In 2023, the following manifesto for the Dames was developed in a joint workshop of the functionaries of the Dames:

  1. We – the Dames of the Order of St. George – are more than supporters of the charitable tasks set out in the principles of the Order. As equal members, we live and represent the special values of our Christian Order Community.
  2. Our mission of charity is firmly linked to European history and the perennial principles of values, tradition and education.
  3. Combating misery in our neighbourhood is our most important task. We approach this work courageously, open-heartedly and transparently. No misery is too big for us, no help too small. We look where others look away.
  4. History and education are valuable companions because we can learn and grow from and with them. The common heritage and the socio-cultural achievements of Habsburg history are the bond that unites us. In respect for this unique bond, we are committed to its sustainable maintenance and experienceability.
  5. We are committed to our work and communicate personally and transparently. As Dames, we are aware of our special responsibility and set high expectations for ourselves and our companions.
  6. Whoever wants to walk the path with us must be sure to share these values with us.
  7. Because together we find support and attitude in our community, we direct our charitable and social work with respect for the weaker ones. Our contribution is worth time and money.
  8. Our reward is the awareness of contributing something to the welfare of society and improving it a little. What we all have in common is the conviction that values, culture, education and the important lessons of history can heal the world.