Order Handbook

The Order of St. George – An Overview

In my role as Chancellor of the Order of St. George, I am pleased to present this handbook. It offers an overview of the most important topics and contexts around the Order of St. George. As a compact reference book, this manual is aimed at the existing members of our community as well as at all interested ones and at future Dames and Knights of the Order; it is intended to serve as a guide and orientation.

The first part covers not only our mission and our values, which each one of us professes, but also all organisational aspects, from rights and duties to clothing and the way we wear the insignia. A separate section is also dedicated to the Order‘s charitable task, which is primarily the responsibility of the Dames, as well as the specific organisation of the Dames.

In the following, the meaning of our patron saint, St. George, the relationship of the Order to the Archducal House of Habsburg-Lothringen as well as our moving and eventful Order history are explained in a condensed form. The history section captures the most important moments and tasks of the Order of Saint George at that time and today. An overview of the terms „chivalry“ and „order“, as well as the classification of our Order in the multitude of orders, round off this short introduction.

We hope this reference book will help to better navigate our community and strengthen the personal commitment to pursue the Order goals.

(Excerpt from the foreword of the Chancellor)

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