1st online matinee

Since no personal meetings are currently possible due to the corona crisis, the commander decided to hold their planned event without further ado via video conference. After a test run on Sunday, the knights, guests and other interested parties came to their respective “home offices” at lunchtime the following Saturday.

Our commander greeted Dr. Milan Novak the participants and in his speech – the speech was sent with the chancellor letter – referred to the current situation and the associated cancellation of the Prague Convention 2020, which would have taken place this weekend. He was confident about the lessons we can learn from this crisis and expressed his joy for a personal meeting in Prague next year.

After his introduction, our procurator Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele spoke about “The corona crisis – Challenges and Opportunities for the Order of St. George”.

The participants listened with great interest to the keynote speech by our main speaker in English, as the participants were connected from Frankfurt/Main via the Czech Republic and Austria to the distant office of the Czech embassy in Kabul – despite geographical separation but thanks to modern technology.

Afterwards there was a lively discussion and after an hour and a half the matinee ended in the best of moods and joy at least having seen each other again virtually. With this format, it was agreed that there will be an event again soon.