Emperor Karl commemorate in Biedermannsdorf

The 2018 commemorative year was reflected in a large number of events at which the Order of St. George was also present. The bond with the former ruling house was particularly evident in the market town of Biedermannsdorf (Lower Austria), where a Kaiser Karl commemorative mass took place on October 21, 2018. The Order of St. George was represented by the Lower Austrian Commandery of St. George’s Cathedral.

The ceremony took a little improvisation. In view of the large number of commemorative events, it was unclear until recently whether an Imperial Highness would be sent to the mass. For this reason the order could only promise to come without regalia. It was only immediately before the event that the HIRH Camilla of Habsburg-Lothringen. Although represented without regalia, the presence of the order was unmistakable to the public, as the two knights Reinald Graf Wilczek and Vice Commander Heinrich Stickelberger appeared in direct followers of Camilla of Habsburg-Lothringen. The entry into the church was led by the ecclesiastical Order of Lazarus. Camilla von Habsburg-Lothringen was appointed Genmjr by the adjutant of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen. I.TR. Peter Pritz accompanies.

Before the beginning of the mass, the chairman of the Kaiser-Karl Kapellenverein zu Biedermannsdorf, major physician Dr. Peter Fuhrich gave an opening speech. In his subsequent address, Vice Commander Stichelberger underlined the responsibility of the traditional associations for the preservation of values in our society as well as the importance of demonstrating to a broad public the bond with Austria and the fear of God through this event. The traditional associations were represented by 35 soldiers.

The subsequent wreath-laying ceremony in front of the Kaiser Karl Chapel was followed by an agape in a cozy atmosphere in Dr. Peter Fuhrich. Due to the presence of HIRH and encouraged by encouraging words from the delegation of the Order of St. George, another Kaiser-Karl Memorial Mass for 2019 is now being considered.