Karlovac: The cooperation will continue

On Monday, January 28, 2019, Damir Mandić, Mayor of the Croatian city of Karlovac, received the ladies and knights of the Order of St. George from Austria. Mandić reiterated his joy about the continued cooperation and thanked him for the donation to the Vladimir Nazor children’s and orphanage. The deputy mayor Andreja Navijalić and Marijana Tomičić, the head of the department for urban development and EU funds, Stjepan Mrežar, the head of the mayor’s office, and Nataša Horvat, the director of the children’s and orphanage V. Nazor, were present at the reception.

Anneliese Hofstätter, the Executive President of the Ladies of the Order of St. George, expressed her anticipation for the visit of the delegation from Karlovac to Mayor Siegfried Nagl in Graz at the beginning of March: “It will be the first, but certainly not the last visit . Our relationships are deepening, which I particularly enjoy. I believe that the cooperation with the Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology will bring a lot of good for the city of Karlovac in the future.”

Economic issues were also on the agenda. They want to continue to support projects in the city of Karlovac, as Anneliese Hofstätter emphasized.