The Corona Crisis as Economic Crisis

Online lecture of MMag. Dr. Meinrad Höfferer from April 14, 2020

We are pleased that MMag. Dr. Meinrad Höfferer has agreed to give an online lecture on the subject of “The Corona crisis as an economic crisis – can we still be saved?” The lecturer is head of the “Corona Crisis” task force of the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce, an expert on EU and foreign trade and also a specialist in current economic aid packages and business subsidies. In his presentation he addresses the following points:

  • Which emerging/probable/possible economic developments (global, in Europe and of course also in Austria) are we facing?
  • Is a mega-recession looming?
  • How is the EU counteracting the economic crisis?
  • How Austria?
  • Liquidity crunch for companies vs. gagged/unwilling banks – solution in sight?
  • Where and how do you get specific help/support in Austria (federal government, states, WKO)? And what is planned for this year in this regard?
  • Will this aid be enough to prevent an economic catastrophe?

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