The West, Russia and the Ukraine crisis

What is the geopolitical situation and future?

Online keynote speech with General Ihor Smeshko on January 19, 2021

General Ihor Smeshko gave an interesting and well-attended online lecture entitled “The West, Russia and the Ukraine Crisis – What is the geopolitical situation and future?”, which also our Grand Master Archduke Karl joined. The general is chairman of the important Christian-Democratic party “Strength and Honor”.

Following a brief welcome by the moderator of the evening, Dr. Cornelius Granig, and Vice Chancellor Dr. Peter Harold, our Procurator, Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele, pointed out that this topic is relevant for our Order from two different angles: on the one hand from a historical point of view, on the other hand from the perspective of European politics. „All this underlines why our Order has to deal with this issue, has to encourage that the Ukrainian people can choose and go its own way. But supporting this independent and self-chosen way on the other hand does not mean a general demonisation of Russia.“ And he added: „I am optimistic, that the Ukraine will find its way as well as its place and role in Europe.“

The general referred in his keynote to the historic connection between his country and the Habsburg monarchy and after a historical summary he analysed situation and perspectives of the Ukraine.

The evening ended with a lively discussion.

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