Pandora´s Box?

On September 9, 2022, the Spiritual Council under the direction of H. E. Bishop em. DDr. Klaus Küng organised a symposium on one of the socio-politically hottest topics: Euthanasia. A euphemistic term that actually means “beautiful death” or “good dying”, and has gained additional explosiveness due to the rapid ageing of European society. At stake are central questions such as: Is it morally permissible to help a terminally ill person to die, thereby ending his suffering? Is it permissible to determine the place and time of one’s own death? Is there even a right to (self-)killing? What effects does euthanasia have on the families of those affected? At the centre of the event were three lectures by top-class experts, who examined the topic from three perspectives: the legal, the medical and the ethical-theological.

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